The nitty gritty

Driven from a young age to explore, I was lucky enough to have a camera fall into my hands early on. The fun of picture taking mixed quite well for my adventurous spirit, and a path was carved. Two decades later, I’ve honed in on what I truly love to do, and creating photographs is at the center of it. Photography, and everything that it brings, has become a passion that never seems to dwindle or fade. That energy is in part what fuels my drive to create the best images possible, both artistically and emotionally.

The vision

The feeling you get right before the church doors open for your ceremony, the love you feel for your family as they celebrate your first moment together as a couple, the grand memories that come flooding back during the speeches- these are the moments that you only experience once in a lifetime. My goal is simple. To capture that love, happiness and emotion as it happens throughout your day. From the fleeting moments that come and go, to the everlasting love you share with your partner, your wedding will be documented in a photo-journalistic style that embraces the moment.

Boston Photoshoot.jpg

The spot

I grew up on the North Shore of Boston, and currently reside in Merrimac MA. My travel bug has brought me to some breathtaking places, but one of the many things I love about New England is that it has a little of everything. From the city to the beaches, and from the lakes to the mountains, this place has it all, and I am all in when it comes to adventure.

(Pictured here filming an engagement video, check it out HERE! And yes, I do video too!)